Sat 02 May 2020 14:41

The Bar

The Clubhouse is the focal point of everything that happens at Hendon RFC. First built in 1968, the clubhouse has had a facelift many times through the years. In 2020, work was undertaken to improve the appearance of the interior of the building.

The Exterior and Pitches

Work on the outside of the building began in 2020 to improve the appearance of the facility. With a fresh paint job and deep clean of the weeds, the clubhouse went from being very dull to looking much brighter and more inviting. The hard work of volunteers, with the backing of the club committee, really paid off.

Hendon has 2 pitches available to play their home games, these are maintained by the local council and in recent years, their ability to withstand the weather has drastically improved. Although still not perfect, we are sure some of the Hendon old guard would definitely agree they are definitely better.